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By Marion de Waard

By: webmaster | June 03, 2018

M-Uniqe Bag, the colorful vintage summer bag for your holiday, beach day, a visit to the gym or just for on the go! Handmade by Marion from M-Unique Design and there is only one of every bag. Each bag is made with love and care. Marion makes sure every bag has an unique look by working with vintage t-shirts which she edits with rhinestones, flowers, butterfly prints and other beautiful applications. These wearable bags are available in several sizes and perfect for a day to the beach, your holiday, but also convenient for a visit to the gym. The bags are easy to fold and fir therefore easily in every suitcase. Good for your beach towel, sunscreen, magazine and other items. 

Every vintage bag is designed and made with care by Marion. Because of the surprising use of colors, materials and applications you will have an one of kind bag. The bags have an Ibiza feel and vintage t-shirts, but also skirts, dresses and swimming trunks are transformed to an unique M-Unique Bag! Looking for something really special? For yourself or as a gift? Marion also creates bags from your beloved pieces of clothing and accessories. A lovely and lasting memory to a beloved one, transformed to a beautiful M-Unique Bag. If you are looking for an item that is the perfect match with your summer dress, bikini or other outfit you are at the right place. She can design and make something for you. She will listen to your wishes and will look for the perfect materials for your personal bag. That way your outfit will be complete! Marion, make-up artist and hairstylist, has always been creative and for years now she creates beautiful pieces like sunglasses, jewelry, headpieces and clothing. Because of her creative background she knows how to make creative combinations and really created an unique style. She is always looking for new materials, shapes and combinations. She will make something for everyone! The letter M stands for her first name, Marion. She chooses the word Unique because every bag is handmade and there exist only one of each bag. The bags are available in several sizes. Extra large, large, medium and small. There are also bags for the little ones and teenagers. The bags are suitable for hand wash. Do you have question, seen a bag you like or want to have a custom made bag? Get in touch by info@m-uniquedesign.com.

Marion de Waard GSM 06-48952460 

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